We apologize for the inconvenience.


    ·        Incorrect number of years requested will result in a resubmission process requiring another $15.90 fee.

    ·       We DO NOT process Juvenile History Checks. Juvenile information can be requested from your Juvenile District Court Presenting/Probation Representative.

    ·        Missing or Unnotarized Documents will result in request being sent back!


        There are currently three (3) ways to request for your Navajo Nation Criminal/Traffic History Record (background check) for non‐criminal justice purposes (e.g., Housing, Employment, Social Services, etc.).


        1.       In-Person at IMS: Submit ALL required documents at IMS.

        (Information Management Section - NPD is located in the Quality Inn Office Complex, Suite 212, Window Rock, AZ 86515)


        2.      Police District: Contact your local Navajo Police district records section/clerk to submit your request.


        3.      U.S. Mail: Submit ALL required documents to the IMS/NPD mailing address.

        If requests are submitted by US Mail or through a Third-Party Representative, Authorization/Consent must be signed along with a copy of a Valid Photo ID.

        Here are the items needed:


        1.      Click Here for Request Form

        2.      Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope

        3.      Money Order ($15.90)

        4.      A copy of a Valid State ID or Driver's License and Social Security Card

        Please mail your packet to the following address:

        Navajo Police Dept

        Information Management Section
        P.O. Box 3360
        Window Rock, Navajo Nation (AZ) 86515

        The request will be received and verified however the results will be sent out by US Mail & IMS can not refund processed Money Orders. No exceptions.


        Criminal/Traffic History Report (CTHR)


        CTHR Request:                                                       $15.90 (per individual)  MONEY ORDER

        Police Reports:                                                                  $2.12 (per page)  MONEY ORDER

        Money Order must be the appropriate amount with NO MISTAKES, Made payable to: Navajo Nation